Our Background
The Reston & Area Foundation was first organized in 2002 but was not awarded a "charitable” status until late in 2004.
During the intervening time the new Board focused on organizing and setting policy and guidelines. Also, during this time, financial support was received from Dave Braddell and from the RM of Pipestone – these start-up funds were critical in establishing the Foundation.
Of course, there would be no awards to be made or grants to be given until we began to receive donations to create a fund.
From 2004 to 2006, generous donations exceeding a total of $10,000 were received from various members of the Braddell family. Another gift over $11,000 was received from a resident of the area who wishes to remain anonymous. Also, in this period, we discovered we were to receive the ‘residue’ of the estate of John Pearson. The first installment was over $270,000! This was the key to start the process of gathering interest so that awards and grants could be considered.
By 2007 we had established a Scholarship/Bursary fund and were in position to receive applications for assistance with community projects. Most importantly, the Foundation was beginning to be recognized and more contributions began to come from a variety of donors.
The Reston Legion, Pipestone Legion, Pipestone Legion Auxiliary and Reston Health Auxiliary have all found it necessary to disband their organizations in recent years and have turned their remaining funds over to RAF with instructions to award annual scholarships.
The Cecil and Helen Brownlee Scholarship was established in 2010 with a generous donation from the Brownlee family and the first scholarships from this fund were awarded in 2011. The Morley Curtis Memorial Fund was established in 2011 and an annual scholarship will be awarded to a deserving Reston School student with the first award being made in 2013.
The RM of Pipestone passed a resolution in October 2011 stating they would match donations received by the Foundation up to a maximum of $10,000 per year for 2011, 2012 and 2013.
Every dollar donated to the Foundation becomes two dollars as a result of this resolution and has helped the fund grow more quickly. The maximum amount was contributed for each of those years and the RM has extended the program for an additional three years.