Emergency Services
RCMP - Reston Detachment
413 1st Street, Reston
Call 911 for emergencies,
204-877-3701 for complaints and emergencies, or 204-877-3871 for administration/general inquiries.
Pipestone-Albert Volunteer Fire Department
Call 911 for emergencies
The fire department serves the R.M. of Pipestone and the R.M. of Albert and is a part of a Mutual Aid District to provide service to surrounding communities.
Call 911 for emergencies
Emergency Plan
Developed to provide direction in response to an emergency that exists or is immenent, or a disaster that has occurred or threatens.  The plan is authorized in accordance with the Province of Manitoba's Emergency Measures Act, and in accordance to Municipal By-Laws.  
Emergency Plan Manager, Dean Brooker, can be contacted at 204-851-7157 or