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Emergency Services

Call 911 for Emergencies

RCMP - Reston Detachment

413 1st Street, Reston
204-877-3701 for complaints and emergencies, or
204-877-3871 for administration/general inquiries.

Pipestone-Albert Volunteer Fire Department

The fire department serves the R.M. of Pipestone and the northern part of the Municipality of Two Borders. They are part of the Oak Lake Mutual Aid District to provide service to surrounding communities. For more information or to volunteer to join the department, please contact the Municipal Office.

Reston Health Centre

523 1st Street, Reston  204-877-3925

Primary Heath Care:
Family Physician Clinic available Tuesdays
Call for an appointment 204-748-1345

Services Available:
Transitional Care
Long Term Care Facility - 20 beds

Community Rehabilitation Services:
Home Care Services
Public Health Services
Community Mental Health Services

Visit for more information

Reston Drugs

209 4th Street, Reston  204-877-3641

Full dispensary services Monday-Friday. Offering vaccinations by appointment.  to book your appointment.