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Tax Information



General Municipal3.99 mills
Business Tax Rate2.00%

TRANSPORTATION LEVIES (Does not include Reston)

Transportation Services4.01 mills


Reston L.U.D. Special6.46 mills
Reston L.U.D.4.20 mills
Pipestone L.I.D.2.07 mills
Pipestone Special$60.00/ House
Sinclair L.I.D.2.89 mills
Cromer L.I.D. .80 mills
Scavenging (Pipestone, Reston, Sinclair, & Cromer)$130.00/House
Souris River Watershed (on land only).26 mills
Assiniboine West Watershed   .26 mills 


Fort La Bosse Levy7.66 mills

Public Schools Finance Board Provincial Levy

8.14 mills 

Due Date: October 31st, 2023

Payment Methods: Cash, Cheque, Debit, E-Transfer, Online payments for Sunrise Credit Union customers

Penalties: On all taxes remaining unpaid after the due date, there shall be, added on the first day of each month, a penalty of 1.25% until paid or until the property has been sold for the arrears of taxes. 

Tax Sale: All lands in arrears for more than one year on December 31 each year are liable to be sold for arrears of taxes.