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About the R.M. of Pipestone

The Rural Municipality of Pipestone, encompassing the communities of Reston, Pipestone, Cromer, and Sinclair, is a picturesque region of 1,500 residents.


The municipality is located in the southwest corner of Manitoba, resting along the Saskatchewan border.

With ease of accessibly from main highways 2 and 83, the municipality is situated 3 hours west of the capital city of Winnipeg, 1 hour west of Brandon, and 40 minutes north of the United States border, making it a prime location.

Our Communities

Each community offers a safe, friendly, and easy-going charm with the quality of life so many people are looking for.  The RM of Pipestone has a lot to offer all ages and lifestyles with safe and welcoming communities surrounded by rural landscapes and a sense of history, evident in the collection of historic buildings, museums, and heritage sites. 

From affordable housing, residential subdivisions and seniors accommodation facilities to an educational facility and numerous events/organizations to participate in, there exists an excellent quality of life.


Since incorporating almost 136 years ago, the R.M. of Pipestone has grown into a prosperous rural area.  The discovery of oil, in this deeply rooted agricultural area, has lead to growth and development of the local economy.  Be apart of the progressive development, in the Rural Municipality of Pipestone you can feel the momentum, and experience the energy!