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Cromer is situated on the north-west side of the municipality. It has a very attractive setting down in the Pipestone Valley. The Oil Industry, Mixed Farming and Elite Swine Operations keep this community very busy.  Located on main street is Cromer Garage, Cromer Valley Store and Cromer Valley Construction, along with a number of residences.

The rink is in operation all winter for skating and curling. The Community Hall serves as a meeting place for all social functions.  Cromer is home to the Stick Horse Rodeo held annually in June.

Enbridge Pipeline Inc. is located just North of the village. Enbridge has seen much growth in the past few years. Enbridge is committed to environmental preservation. Constant growth and upgrading of storage tanks and lines keep this operation very busy.

The community is also very environmentally aware and committed to promoting a safe friendly environment.